Riot Ten Releases Remix Of His Latest Single, “Mawlee” With Young Buck & DJ Afterthought

riot ten mawlee remixes

Following the release of his highly anticipated single, “Mawlee,” Riot Ten and the Dim Mak crew continue to demolish the dance space with an intoxicating remix compilation.

Combining his talents with producers Dr. Fresch, Godlands, Stylust, Chassi, Typhon, Jiqui & Dr. Ushuu, Riot Ten surprises his listeners with a honed multi-genre take on the heavy dubstep anthem.

Out now and intertwined with the likes of former G-Unit rapper Young Buck as well as hip hop/EDM artist DJ Afterthought, listeners are able to experience the show-stopping track in a new light.

From wonky basslines to transic house groove and tearout dubstep, Riot Ten displays his expansive sonic artillery and promotes a new and rising class of artists.

Remixes from Chassi & Jiqui satisfy the riddim ear with thrilling bounce while Godlands & Dr. Fresch introduce the house scene to the “Mawlee” universe. Notably, Stylust’s remix continues the single’s original theme of left-field bass and provides its audience with some tripped out ear candy. Meanwhile, remixes from Typhon & Dr. Ushuu round out the thrilling tracklist with a slew of slaughterous wubs, certain to beckon to headbangers near and far.

The diverse remix compilation contributes to Riot Ten’s groundbreaking year while providing an opportunity for emerging talent to join the artist and his team in the spotlight. Riot Ten does a remarkable job of balancing this collection with selections from key genres within the dance niche, consequently allowing none of these remixes to fall on death ears. An amalgamation of various sounds and styles, the “Mawlee” remix package continues the fanfare of Riot Ten’s original with a little something for everyone.


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