‘Solid Session’ In New Coat: RobJanssen Creates Techno-Trance Hurricane

robjanssen solid session

Format being none other than dance legend Orlando Voorn, brought bang up to speed by RobJanssen, another Dutchman of many aliases, as ‘Solid Session’ re-emerges from its 1991 starting point as a techno-trance hurricane.

Beats are tough and uncompromising, bass rumbles are a harsh, ugly sprawl, synth melodies stay delicate but deadly, the atmosphere is smoky and on-edge, and the breakdown is a textbook example of trance tension. The latest update to Voorn’s illustrious back catalogue thrives when all light is blocked out.

RobJanssen: “When listening to old tracks, I regularly feel a sort of warmth coming over me. Solid Session is one of those tracks, it brings the feeling of nostalgia. I visualize the minimalistic sound, that in the break, it’s the one music note that ends in a warm sea of musical pleasure.

I always felt that, at one point, this track could be brought to a higher level with an energetic drive. The original is amazing, but hard to play during a set between the new edits of other classics. I’m happy to bring this drive in Solid Session”

‘Solid Session’ is out now on Be Yourself Music


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