SadBois Releases Their Highly Anticipated EP, ‘Lonely Together’

sadbois lonely together

Renowned electronic music act SadBois are set to release their highly anticipated collaborative EP titled ‘Lonely Together’ on the 26th of July 2023.

The EP features an exceptional lineup of talented artists, each contributing their unique sound to create a captivating exploration of the complex emotion of loneliness.

With ‘Lonely Together,’ SadBois aims to delve into the intricacies of human experience and present an ironic perspective on the isolating feeling of loneliness. The EP’s collaborative nature serves as a testament to the shared nature of this profound emotion, while simultaneously showcasing the vast range of its manifestations. SadBois seeks to encapsulate the feelings of loneliness and its transformative influence on personal growth.

SadBois said, “We wanted to create a body of work that looks to take the complex emotion of loneliness and describe the human experience almost ironically by making a collaborative body of work regarding an emotion that can make one feel isolated. Instead of explaining the internalisation of loneliness, we wanted to capture how this emotion can be a shared experience but still show the vast range of how the emotion can present itself, there are times where loneliness can be empowering and there are times where it can be saddening but these times help shape who we are and who we can become.”

The EP’s tracklist boasts an impressive lineup of featured artists who bring their own distinctive style and emotive vocals to complement SadBois’ signature sound. ‘Lonely Nights,’ the opening track, is a collaboration between SadBois and MashBit, featuring the captivating vocals of UNDY. The EP continues with ‘Worst Day Ever,’ a collaboration with PatFromLastYear, featuring the soulful voice of Micah Martin. Next up is ‘What It Feels Like,’ a powerful collaboration between SadBois and TENZO, accompanied by the enchanting vocals of LÚTHIEN. Closing the EP is ‘Bringing Me Back,’ a collaboration between SadBois and ARNHEMIA, featuring the heartfelt vocals of Rickie Lane.

‘Lonely Together’ is a poignant musical experience that intertwines emotions and soundscapes. Out on the 26th of July!


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