Selador Bring Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Renato Cohen, Zoo Brazil, & Heîk For 10th Anniversary EP 2

selador decade ep 2

Following the release of Selador Decade EP 1 last month, acclaimed independent electronic music label Selador Recordings – headed up by Dave Seaman & Steve Parry – celebrates its landmark 10th Anniversary with the second of an exciting array of all-star collaborations.

Selador Decade EP 2 brings together Dave Seaman x Hernan Cattaneo on ‘Napkin Knowledge’, Steve Parry x Renato Cohen on ‘Marmalade Skies’, Zoo Brazil x Circulation ‘Six Days’, and James Harcourt x Heîk ‘Ghost’. All of the Selador collaborations are rooted in longstanding, deep friendships and mutual respect and love of music.

Dave Seaman x Hernan Cattaneo: ‘Napkin Knowledge’: Picture yourself in your favourite dancing space, Dave & Hernan are playing back-to-back – and that beautiful track you’re hearing? It’s right here, and it’s sumptuous. Oh, and the title? It goes back many years to when they were sharing DJing tricks and tips over dinner in Buenos Aires, and said knowledge was shared on the nearest napkin. A napkin that Hernan still has!

Steve Parry x Renato Cohen: ‘Marmalade Skies’: From Liverpool to Sao Paulo, Steve & Renato shared mind-bending ideas through the ether. Kick drums kicked, synths squelched, it all got just a bit twisted, and the information super-highway went into ecstatic meltdown.

Zoo Brazil x Circulation ‘Six Days’: No sooner had Zoo Brazil made a welcome return to Selador, and Circulation an equally welcome debut, both nestling side by side as remixers on the recent Floormagnet release, they’ve combined to deliver a sumptuous, dreamy soundscape

James Harcourt x Heik: ‘Ghost’: James Harcourt has been a highly popular Selador regular during these last couple of years. “Hey, Heik!” he hollered, spotting Mexico’s finest lurking online. “You heard about this Selador Decade business? Why don’t you drop by and let’s make beautiful, uplifting, roof raising music together.” And that’s exactly what happened.

From May, other contributions for the 10th Anniversary celebrations will include from Tokyo Fan Club, Just Her, Hannes Bieger, Smash TV, Timo Maas, and Robert Babicz.
The Selador Decade 10th Birthday Vinyl EP will be released on 21st April as part of Record Store Day, which will also feature the stunning collaboration between Hernan Cattaneo and Dave Seaman ’Napkin Knowledge’.

Steve Parry of Selador said: “I’m delighted with the music we have been fortunate enough to release, so many amazing tracks from wonderful artists, from superstar DJs to relative newcomers, we just release the music that we love. That’s actually our only criteria – Dave and I must both really love the music – and would both play it in our sets. Otherwise, our mantra is anything from house to techno and all shades in-between. No restrictive rules or boundaries.”


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