SKYLER Celebrates New Direction Of Sound With Captivating Bass EP ‘Blue Dream’

skyler blue dream

Bass producer SKYLER unveils a transformative musical experience with her trap-fueled EP, ‘Blue Dream,’ out on Monstercat Uncaged today.

SKYLER continues to make milestones in her burgeoning career. This year saw her evolve from Skyler Madison to SKYLER, breaking from her future bass sounds to explore a heavier side. She debuted her new moniker with “Hit My Line,” her first track to land in the renowned video game, Rocket League. Last year she made her first-ever festival debut, gracing the stage of Tomorrowland. She has garnered support from legendary producers such as Alison Wonderland, Illenium, Krewella, and Flux Pavillion, whom she made an official remix for, proving her growing prowess in the electronic circuit.

‘Blue Dream’ is a boundary-pushing landscape displaying her magnetic bass sounds and pulsating trap elements, while taking inspiration from real experiences and emotions. “Fall” represents being on cloud nine while still having a fear of losing everything, with complex layers ranging from euphoria to moody. With uplifting trap leads and cinematic drops, “Chrome Hearts” embodies emotions that come with having a moment of victory and overcoming something that once felt defeated.

SKYLER shares, “The idea of ‘Blue Dream’ initially stemmed from the concept of trying to decipher subconscious messages, meanings, and emotions throughout my own dreams. This EP is a reflection of every subliminal feeling I’ve felt or harbored within the past few years. Color is said to be one of the many elements in dreams that represents significant mental and emotional depths of the human psyche, so for me, each one of these tracks represents a different real-time emotion or experience that I’ve gone through.”

SKYLER’s meteoric rise is destined to grow, as her unstoppable drive and unforgettable beats are capturing new fans around the world. Fans can stay on the lookout for upcoming sets to come, because she’s ready to play ‘Blue Dream’ live and light dancefloors on fire.


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