Slippy And TYNAN Collaborates On Intense Colour Bass Single “Sell Your Soul”

slippy sell your soul

Bass producers Slippy and TYNAN have returned to Monstercat today with their high-energy bass single, “Sell Your Soul.”

Collaborating for the first time, the duo fuse their multi-dimensional stylings with exhilarating build-ups and heavy-hitting colour bass chords. The record sees Slippy sonically pivot away from his previous EP and experiment with grittier dubstep sounds, while listeners get a taste of TYNAN’s musical prowess and dominating bass production. Both have amassed impressive followings and millions of streams on their records combined, with more to come in their soaring careers.

Slippy shares, “I’m beyond excited to be releasing “Sell Your Soul” with TYNAN. To me, the song is about the pressures of creating art in a hyper-capitalist world, where you are constantly pressured (whether consciously or not) to do things you may not morally agree with for the sake of growing your profile, or even simply sustaining yourself.”

TYNAN adds, “I’m so excited to finally share my collaboration with Slippy, “Sell Your Soul” with the entire world. Working with Slippy’s musical palette has been an intensely rewarding experience and one that I hope we can do again in the near future.”


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