Snoop Dogg Joins Natty Rico And Monday Justice To Revamp 2018 Hit “I’m In California”

snoop dogg i'm in california

Embarking on a musical journey that’s as scintillating as a California sunset, Snoop Dogg, the maestro of rap, harmoniously converges with the dynamic forces of Natty Rico and Monday Justice.

Their fusion gives birth to an electrifying revival of the 2018 smash hit “California,” a melodious ode to the perpetual summer that graces the Golden State. This trifecta of talent, Natty Rico’s creative saxophone brilliance intertwined with Snoop Dogg’s iconic lyrical prowess and Monday Justice’s musical finesse, concocts a sonic masterpiece that outshines its predecessor in sheer vibrancy. Enveloped within its irresistible rhythm, this track beckons to find a coveted spot in every summer playlist, “I’m in California” is out now via Soave Records!

“I’m in California” unfolds a story of sound, interweaving velvety saxophone melodies, and the pulsating pattern of vibrant percussion. As the rhythm builds and anticipation lingers, a euphoric crescendo emerges, revealing Natty Rico’s innate musical talents that dance like sunbeams on water. These exquisite notes seamlessly intertwine with an exuberant groove, creating an irresistible urge to dance along.

Snoop Dogg’s voice takes the stage for a verse that is as distinctive as it is infectious. His words alongside those of Monday Justice evoke the very essence of the Californian spirit, infusing every listener with a sense of unbridled energy. “I’m in California” culminates on a triumphant note, where a radiant flow of motion and the harmonious blend of vibrant backing vocals unite, leaving an indelible mark on the senses.

As the radiant resonance of Natty Rico’s musical collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Monday Justice, “I’m in California,” reverberates through the airwaves, the world is reminded of the incomparable creativity that Natty Rico brings to the stage. With a legacy of elevating soundscapes to new dimensions, Natty Rico’s virtuosity continues to captivate audiences, and “I’m in California” stands as a testament to this unyielding dedication. With a series of exhilarating releases on the horizon, Natty Rico leaves fans and enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the unfolding chapters in this musical odyssey.


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