Stendahl Unveils Touching Melodic House EP ‘Austrumi’

stendahl austrumi

After making his Monstercat Silk debut last year, progressive house producer Stendahl returned to the label with his beautiful four-track EP, ‘Austrumi.’

Marking his first finished project in his new home of Latvia, ‘Austrumi’ holds a special place in Stendahl’s heart as it’s a sonic representation of adapting to his new life. The bright keys, warm pads, and deep basses in “Katru Nakti” blend perfectly together, forming a lush soundscape, while in the title single, the plucked leads and crisp percussion add an upbeat, yet gentle energy to the mellow track. With its hopeful and vibrant ambiance, ‘Austrumi’ celebrates new beginnings.

Stendahl shares, “My ‘Austrumi’ EP is indeed, a very special release for me. It symbolizes a completely new chapter of my life – a new country for living, new friendship, new love, new me. This piece of work is a tribute to Latvia, my new home. And I’m so thrilled to share my feelings through my music with listeners.”

‘Austrumi EP’ Tracklist:

1. Austrumi
2. Katru Nakti
3. Austrumi (Extended Mix)
4. Katru Nakti (Extended Mix)


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