Steve Angello And Wh0 Release “What You Need”

steve angello what you need

Steve Angello, co-founder of Swedish House Mafia, and the mysterious music duo Wh0 tap into the primal heartbeat of house music on the new single “What You Need,” released tonight via Angello’s SIZE Records / Wh0 Plays / Astralwerks.

A modern-day anthem that ingeniously samples Carrie Lucas’s “I Got to Be Dancin,'” the track brims with infectious rhythms and audacious basslines, providing a contemporary update to a classic disco melody. This seamless blending of old and new demonstrates the transformative power of sampling in the evolution of house music, reinventing classic sounds for the modern dancefloor. Listen to “What You Need” HERE.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of SIZE Records, “What You Need” is the label’s 250th release and its first offering since entering into a partnership with Astralwerks. The partnership calls for Astralwerks to distribute SIZE Records’ new releases, including Angello’s solo music, and the legendary indie label’s catalog.

“While I’m excited to honor the legacy of SIZE Records by re-launching the catalog, I’m every bit as thrilled by what the future holds,” says Steve Angello. “Teaming with Wh0 to make ‘What You Need’ the inaugural new release on the imprint feels like the perfect way to set the tone for everything we have planned. It’s a new era, new team, new SIZE, new collaborations, new music and lots of it! My gratitude to Astralwerks for taking this journey with us at SIZE!”

“SIZE Records is a powerhouse label and home to some of my all-time favorite records!” said Astralwerks President Toby Andrews. “Being able to work with them as they kick off their 20th anniversary celebrations whilst Astralwerks is celebrating its 30th year feels like the perfect match. In addition to that, the whole team is excited to bring more of Steve’s music to the world and work with him and all his team to elevate the future vision and catalog of the label.”

Wh0 recall, “This record emerged from our manager introducing us to Kurtis Mantronik’s ’77 Strings’ and a video of Fatboy Slim performing it at the classic Big Beach Boutique II concert in Brighton back in 2002. We admired it, but we wanted to adapt the sample in our unique style and not merely loop it. Incorporating some old-school rave stabs and organs, we sent it to Steve a year later… he instantly connected with it and added his own magic into the mix. We’re incredibly proud of the final result!”

Angello will be unleashing more music and shifting perspectives further in 2023. He’ll perform at Tomorrowland and numerous other festivals this summer. His upcoming U.S. dates include an August 20 show at The Brooklyn Mirage. Tickets and tour details are available HERE.


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