Sub Tactics Share Their Influences Via A Curated Spotify Playlist

sub tactics spotify playlist

Following the release of their self-titled EP, which arrived via their imprint Mutation Audio this Summer, Sub Tactics have given us the lowdown on the records which have helped influence their sounds.

From putting on DIY nights to committing themselves to the underground via their productions, the duo continue to make waves alongside their release schedule on Mutation Audio as well as on the airwaves of UK tastemaking radio stations such as Kiss FM.

You can check out the music which inspired them below and be sure to grab a copy of their new EP here.

These following tunes we keep listening to time and time again, mostly all “firsts” of its kind or atleast on the first wave of its kind, these artists are pretty much our idols and we think their music is impeccable.

Bungle – Don’t Look Back

The way the tune sneakily drops and builds is really very clever and the way the arrangement is designed is a joy to mix & blend. Don’t look back has a hypnotic groove that pulls us onwards and uplifting melodies that strike a chord. A reminder to embrace progress and leave the past behind.

Fanu – Siren Song

A favourite of ours for its meticulously crafted breaks and sub, complemented by the ethereal female vocal. This one is a listening experience like no other, pure class.

Big Bud – Blunt

In our opinion the best track from an album of absolute classics, this is the best of LTJ’s Good Looking Records. Played ‘till the stylus snapped, and still getting rinsed by us now. This track is timeless.

Seba – Dangerous Days

The combination of deep basslines and intricate beats adding a sense of tension, mystery, and musical intricacy. Musical genius, experiencing this creative musical journey goes beyond simply listening to music.

Grooverider – Where’s Jack the Ripper

Produced by Optical and Grooverider, this track was a staple of record bags of the late 90’s. Was an opening track on many a mix back in the day, the sound was so unique! Love the combination of heavy driving beats and evolving sawtooth bassline.

Stakka & Skynet – Decoy

Together with “Clockwork” this was our favourite on this memorable album from Underfire, released back in Summer 2001. Also, shout out to “So Confused” ft. K.Tee also on this album.

Skynet – One Speed

Dropped on Nosia’s label Invisible, back in 2015. One Speed straight-up embodies that classic Skynet vibe. Dope break, intricate bassline, and them bongo beats. That’s what keeps this in the mix.

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound

Teebee & Calyx, after listening to Teebee’s and Calyx’s music for years it was so cool seeing a tune of theirs get in to the “charts” yet stay to its roots.Dope.

Krust – Angles

This tune got us hooked on Drum & Bass (or should we say jungle, as that was the term being used at the time) and turned us into mega fans of the genre, pulling us down the rabbit hole. Its rolling beats, funky bassline, the synth strings and that sample are pure magic, and (at the time) so fresh! Thanks Krust for starting a life-long love affair with Jungle and Drum & Bass.

Jonny L – Piper – Grooverider Mix

An absolute master class of how intense, monotone, brooding energy is to be done. Intense cinematic intro, hypnotic rolling beats, rolling bassline and the added layer of the growling magic provided in this mix of the tune is an example of fantastic synth design and placement.


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