Rising Las Vegas-Based Producer Tensteps Unveils New Single, “Smoke & Mirrors”

tensteps smoke & mirrors

In an electrifying evolution of his musical journey, Tensteps, the innovative New York-born, Las Vegas-based producer, announces the release of his latest single, “Smoke & Mirrors”.

Venturing boldly into techno-influenced dance music, marking a significant departure from his previous work. With “Smoke & Mirrors,” Tensteps embarks on an audacious experiment, blending relentless pulsating beats and gritty acid lines, with the emotive melodies and vocals that have defined his sound. Setting the stage for an unparalleled auditory experience that blurs the boundaries between genres, “Smoke & Mirrors” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Find Your Harmony.

“Smoke & Mirrors” is a testament to Tensteps’ fearless approach to music production, combining hard-hitting techno elements with his signature melodic flair. This synthesis not only showcases his versatility as an artist but also represents a fresh chapter in dance music, where the fusion of disparate genres creates a unique and captivating soundscape. At the heart of “Smoke & Mirrors” lies its adventurous amalgamation of sounds, injecting the track with an unrefined energy distinctly techno in nature. This innovative blend not only signifies a novel chapter in dance music but also crafts an unparalleled listening experience where genre fusion unlocks new auditory vistas.

“Smoke & Mirrors is a super special record for me because it’s the start of a new chapter of Tensteps. I’ve never experimented with the more techno-influenced side of dance music before, and I wanted to find a way to bridge the harder kicks and grittier acids with the melodies and vocals that I love. I really love this new blend of sounds I’ve spent months immersing myself in, and now I just hope the fans will appreciate it too!” – TENSTEPS

Having quickly risen to prominence with his distinctive blend of uplifting trance, progressive, and beyond, Tensteps has solidified his place in the electronic music world. His debut album “Infinite” and collaborations with top-tier artists have garnered widespread acclaim, setting the stage for “Smoke & Mirrors” to captivate audiences worldwide. This release not only underscores Tensteps’ innovative spirit but also promises to deliver an extraordinary sonic adventure. With such a pioneering approach to his work, Tensteps is poised for a luminous future, shaping the contours of the electronic music landscape in 2024 and beyond.


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