Ternion Sound Launches Their Lead Single “Artifice”; Announces Upcoming Album, Digital Artifice

ternion sound artifice

In the aftermath of their acclaimed return to Infrasound, Ternion Sound unleashes their highly-anticipated single, “Artifice.”

This release serves as an enthralling precursor to their groundbreaking album, Digital Artifice, set for release on Friday, October 13th via Noisia’s eminent VISION label. But “Artifice” is more than a mere introduction; it echoes the trio’s commitment to challenging both industry conventions and the skewed balance between audiences and their digitally consumed music.

Quote from Ternion Sound:
“This album has been years in the making… and it’s the most challenging creative work we’ve ever put together.”

The “Artifice” single, dropping today, steers away from Ternion Sound’s renowned bass-centric style. The track, beautifully eerie, intertwines intense distortion with sharp melodies, echoing modern-day anxieties.

The album’s title, a brainchild of Ternion’s Andrew, stems from a poignant notion: “they will show us how to ruin the world.” In an era where instant gratification overshadows genuine immersion, Digital Artifice emerges as an act of defiance. The word “Artifice” encapsulates the idea of a calculated deception, a nod to how technology often crafts digital mirages for fleeting gains. Nonetheless, Ternion Sound’s authentic essence remains unwavering — delivering sounds that inspire introspection and question the accepted.

Featuring illustrious collaborations with Crazy D, EMZ, PAV4N, SonnyJim, Logan_OLM, and Khallil, the album resonates with Ternion Sound’s signature bass-heavy ethos. As a testament to their innovative approach, the entire album is curated to be experienced as a continuous mix, urging listeners to immerse themselves in its deliberate flow.

The album’s overarching message is one of resistance — against systems that seek to hijack art and against DSP’s platforms that risk reducing artistic creations to mere content for viral consumption. By presenting this album as a counter-cultural experience, Ternion Sound emphasizes, “Art isn’t disposable, and neither is this album.”

In addition to the album release, fans can anticipate Ternion Sound hosting VISION Radio on October 11th, where they’ll treat listeners to an early play through of Digital Artifice. Amplifying their commitment to intentional artistry, the cover art and Spotify canvas for the album are crafted by Safe Haven, the designer behind well known brand, Ghost Hardware.

In their mission to continuously resonate with the underground scene, Ternion Sound embarks on a nationwide tour this Fall with The Widdler. Notably distinct in its promotional angle, the tour poster accentuates the contributions of underground promoters, pioneering sound systems, and renowned venues across the country. Notable stops span from the industrial vibes of Atlanta’s Underground to the enveloping atmosphere of San Diego’s Tunnel Location. The journey reaches its zenith with a two-night spectacle in their Minneapolis stronghold, celebrating a spectrum of BPMs and emphasizing the rich diversity in sound that Ternion Sound is revered for.


9/22 – Underground Atlanta, Atlanta, GA. Promoted by Soundsystem Cultures. Sound: FUNKTION ONE
9/23 – Secret Location, Tampa, FL. Promoted by No Sleep Presents. Sound: HENNESSEY
9/30 – Warehouse Live, Houston, TX. Promoted by Gritsy. Sound: CUSTOM SYSTEM
10/7 – Otherworld, Columbus, OH. Presented by Otherworld. Sound: PK
10/12 – Monks, Missoula, MT. Promoted by Foundation Entertainment. Sound: PK
10/13 – Karma, Washington, D.C. Presented by Para Presents / The Gradient Perspective. Sound: HENNESSEY
10/20 – Blackbox Theater, Charlotte, NC. Promoted by Future Pixels. Sound: BASSBOSS
10/21 – The Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn, NY. Promoted by Sermon. Sound: INTENT AUDIO
10/27 – Walter Studios, Phoenix, AZ. Presented by idgaFNK / Walter Productions. Sound: MEYER
10/28 – Tunnel Location, San Diego, CA. Promoted by Pirate Pandas. Sound: BASSBOSS
10/31 – Emerson Hall, Nashville, TN.
11/3 – Elevation, Grand Rapids, MI. Presented by The Intersection. Sound: BASSBOSS
11/4 – The Yards, Miami, FL. Promoted by Lows Only. Sound: HENNESSEY
11/9 – Shrine Social Club, Boise, ID. Presented by KMF Productions. Sound: VOID
11/10 – Kingdom, Austin, TX. Presented by Prime Events. Sound: BASSBOSS
11/16 – The North Warehouse, Portland, OR. Presented by K&Q Presents / Rose Entertainment. Sound: FUNKTION ONE
11/17 – Pourhouse, Minneapolis, MN. Presented by TC Presents. Sound: VOID
11/18 – Pourhouse, Minneapolis, MN. Presented by TC Presents. Sound: VOID


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