Terry Golden’s Releases December Episodes Of, ‘Art Of Rave’

terry golden art of rave december

A fresh and exciting listening experience, Terry Golden’s ‘Art Of Rave’ radio show continues to attract listeners from around the globe as it delivers episodes high in energy and striking in sound.

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With December bringing yet another impressive selection of episodes for followers to enjoy, Terry Golden once again proved himself worthy of his growing reputation and prominent status within Electronic Music today. As several top genre heavyweights joined ‘Art Of Rave’ during December, followers are sure to have enjoyed the extra layer of excitement the remarkable four different guest stars added to the show, no doubt making last month one to remember for fans of Terry Golden.

As the show continues to gain popularity, ‘Art Of Rave’ is fast becoming one of the leading listens on the Electronic Music scene and, with such powerful episodes in its collection, it is easy to see why. Raising the bar each and every month, Terry Golden seems unstoppable in his determination to keep finding new and original ways to make each episode unique, enriching the sonic experience every time. As he continues to bring mixes that are both electrifying and diverse, Terry Golden keeps cementing himself as an influential presence within the genre, one whose impressive tastes continually earn him the attention of both his fans and peers alike.

A milestone moment for the show, Hel:sløwed, KREAM, Hevi Levi, and FOVOS, all emerged to take to the decks, showcasing their individual signature sounds with track listings that were both refreshing and varied. Having a collection of such renowned Artists share mixes for ‘Art Of Rave’ throughout December, Terry Golden made sure to end 2023 on a high: no doubt coming as a credit to his own impressive status and ever-growing reputation within the genre, last month’s guest stars certainly ensured that Terry Golden’s radio show continues to stand out as a major destination for lovers of Electronic Music.

With fans quick to return to hear the next instalment of ‘Art Of Rave’, Terry Golden continues to garner attention and admiration from genre enthusiasts around the globe. So, with the promise of more electrifying episodes as we enter 2024, ‘Art Of Rave’ remains one of the most influential radio shows to tune into within Electronic Music today.


  1. I’m a huge fan of Terry Golden’s ability to consistently raise the bar with every episode. His dedication to finding new and exciting ways to keep things fresh truly sets “Art of Rave” apart. The electrifying and diverse mixes he curates never fail to impress, and it’s no wonder the show is becoming one of the leading listens on the scene.


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