TETSU Lands On Robin Schulz’ Mentalo Music With Undeniable House Groove ‘Stuck On You’

tetsu stuck on you

The Japanese-born, Netherlands-based musician TETSU arrives for his debut on Mentalo Music with the uplifting and dazzling new house single “Stuck On You.”

Immaculate production techniques meet infectious melodic grooves, as TETSU continues to distinguish himself as one of the scene’s most promising talents. Watch the rising producer continue to climb the stairs of success when he drops his new single on July 8th!

At just 20 years old, TETSU is a musician who is truly chasing his dreams. Self-taught by online resources like Youtube production tutorials, TETSU is proof that hard work pays off. Early releases like “It’s Too Late” and “Blind Faith” not only highlighted the well beyond his year’s production technique but turned the heads of tastemakers worldwide. Now geared up for the next steps of his musical journey, TETSU lands on Mentalo Music with “Stuck On You” on July 8th.


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