Timmy Trumpet Collaborates With Lee Cabrera And Bleech To Reimagine Lock ‘N Load’s ‘90s Classic ‘Blow Ya Mind’

timmy trumpet blow ya mind

Over twenty years after its release, Lock ‘N Load’s ‘Blow Ya Mind’ has been reimagined just in time for the festival season by Australian heavyweight Timmy Trumpet, Lee Cabrera (responsible for Ibiza classic ‘Shake It’ and remake of ABBA’s ‘Gimme Gimme’) and rising star Bleech.

Preview Timmy Trumpet, Lee Cabrera & Bleech vs Lock ‘N Load – Blow Ya Mind

Fit for a new generation of dance music lovers who crave the sound of the ‘90s, this rendition promises a soundscape of thumping bass, claps and suspense in tandem with sirens and rolling snares at a slower BPM than the original 1999 classic. Homing in on Timmy Trumpet’s signature sound blended with Lee Cabrera’s ear for reworking classics, this banger is set to wreak havoc across the summer.

Everything started with Lee Cabrera, who picked up on the track being played out again in sets over the past couple of years. “I’ve always loved the record and all of the edits from back in the day and had it on my mind to put my spin on it for a long time,” says Lee Cabrera. “So, I called up my good friend Bleech (‘Gimme Gimme’ collaborator) to hop in the studio and see what we could come up with.”

Then it wasn’t too long before the pair knew that to complete the track, Timmy Trumpet would be the ideal candidate. In no time at all, the almost-finished track was ready for dance floors, bringing a fresh take on the classic to 2023.

On the new version, Lock ‘N Load say, “Over the past few months, we’ve received so many videos from industry friends of DJs such as Solomun playing the original version again in their sets, so a re-release was just a matter of time. For us as the original producers, it’s amazing to see that a 24-year-old track can stand the test of time, is still rocking the global dance floors, and has now found its way to a whole new generation of DJs and producers”.


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