Toadface sets to release LP ahead of his Bugs for Breakfast tour

toadface bugs for breakfast

Becoming known for his experimental flair and swampy textures, Toadface gets ready to release his most mammoth body of work yet, the Bugs For Breakfast LP – a unique 12 track masterpiece with a handful of hefty collaborations.

In relation, the LP releases ahead of the corresponding Bugs For Breakfast tour kicking off on 6th October. Psyche yourself up for this highly anticipated tour and launch yourself into the Bugs For Breakfast LP out now via Liquid Stranger’s label WAKAAN.

Delving into the LP with mystical elegance, Toadface takes us through a world of ambiance molded with glitch-filled chops that draw inspiration from all corners of the electronic music spectrum, giving nods to the dubstep, trap and free-form realms. Ambient hazes continue to soar across the LP as we’re guided through a marshy landscape of intricate undertones amongst a warped filled soundscape. Yheti and DMVU jump on board the Bugs For Breakfast journey on Cronenberg, encapsulating edgy basslines shifting the LP into heavier dimensions. Whilst Courage creates a moment of nostalgia giving a nod to the retro Cartoon Network era of Courage the Cowardly Dog, with recognizable samples amongst dark chops from the cult hit TV show. Moving into the latter half of the album Manipulation pushes the LP into full throttle with mighty synth breakdowns. Reaching the end of the LP, Bugs For Breakfast continues to reach higher levels of magnitude reinforcing Toadface’s position as a true bass heavy-weight. Amongst the playful sampling and vocal cuts lie impeccable sound design, making the LP a definite stand-out production with bass music fans.

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Toadface has been demonstrating his unparalleled ability to provide fans with a monumental experience through the extraordinary and the extravagant. Unique production techniques that range from the truly quirky, yet still containing moments for the dancefloor creates an unexpected journey each time for the listeners. Now a nationwide name, Toadface has been touring since 2013 and shows no sign of stopping. Following the massive LP release, Toadface is eager than ever to embark on his Bugs For Breakfast tour this October. Always bringing the energy, it’s a tour you won’t want to miss as he croaks into an exciting new chapter of his musical journey.


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