Sian And Latroit Forge New Duo ‘Transient’ With Inebriating New Disco Single “Higher Than The Sky”

transient higher than the sky

Sian and Latroit forge their new two-person project Transient with the release of its inaugural single “Higher Than The Sky,” an inebriating nu disco number precipitating as the next offering taken from NIGHTMODE’s seventh season of releases.

There’s an intrinsic charm involved when two masters of their craft choose to collide in the name of collaboration. Perhaps, it’s the magic of striking a delicate balance in a game of DAW tug-of-war, with each of its creative behemoths doing their best to not overshadow their counterpart. Or maybe it’s the mystery of what the exchange of ideas must have been like when two established identities try to jigsaw their way through a jam session. In the case of Transient, techno visionary Sian and the trailblazing veteran Latroit seemed to have struck lightning when they decided to band together to give birth to their new partnership.

The proof is irrefutable, and it is taking the shape of their first single together. “Higher Than The Sky” represents all that is right with dance music. It instills a sense of ebullience through its glimmering groove. The intoxicating vocal hook feels new and refreshing, yet somehow manages to convey a feeling of familiarity that hits close to home.

Clocking in just over three dizzying minutes, the track floats on a cloud-like bed of iridescent arpeggiations, rolling phaser synth progressions, funk-flavored basslines, and slick drum arrangements allowing the looped lyrics to brew into a measure of potency that almost comes across as criminal.

Transient is off to an impeccable start with this first look on NIGHTMODE. Let’s just cross our fingers the duo decides to not take the definition of its namesake too seriously, and leave the world dreaming for more than just a momentary brush with these masterminds sitting adjacent to one another.

“I’ve been a fan of SIAN’s music and imagery for years. Our collaborative potential was obvious after a chance meeting at the Roc Nation Grammy brunch a few years ago—two dance music producers nerding out at the bar about Ableton Live while everyone else was preoccupied with who was walking into the room (‘Its DJ Khaled, everyone… calm down’). And here we finally are, excited for our first release with NIGHTMODE and Insomniac.” – Latroit

“Very few people have left a dent on modern dance music like Dennis; he’s undoubtedly responsible for a couple of new genres along the way. I was so stoked to meet him. Somehow, we got to talking about ‘80s drum sounds. We really clicked on influences (Full disclosure: We both love Phil Collins), so I was instantly on his case about collaborating. I’m super proud of this project and feels like a perfect combo of our musical styles.”– Sian


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