Australian Phenom TWERL Causes A Ruckus With Genre-Defying Four-Track ‘HOOLIGAN’ EP

twerl hooligan

Los Angeles-based, Perth-bred producer TWERL is back on NIGHTMODE with his gritty bass-packed ‘HOOLIGAN’ EP.

The four-track offering is hot on the heels of the release of the title track and lead single, which has amassed 50 thousand streams in less than a month thus far. Swerving from trap to dubstep and high-energy techno, TWERL elevates and expands his sound to new heights. The release arrives as a standout among NIGHTMODE’s 13th season of releases.

Rowdy and rough, “HOOLIGAN” embodies its namesake and sets the course for what lies ahead. Looped, pitched-down vocals serve as the cornerstone, laying the filthy foundation. The cinematic introduction builds tension at every turn, luring listeners in close before exploding into an energetic and gritty trap onslaught. Growling low-end, violently sharp synth stabs, punchy drum patterns, barking fills, and reverberating bass plucks collide for a high-octane barrage of street-savvy bass music. Dreamy vocals fill the break, offering an emotional allure that’s wrapped in a sonic mystique. The soothing section acts to amplify the finale of the track as TWERL brings in a reworked second drop that’s even more menacing. New vocal layers are fused with electric synth stabs and the swagged-out bassline that gives the track its chest-pumping charisma.

Switching gears, TWERL steps on the gas and increases the tempo on “PIXIE.” The heart-pumping cut pulls from driving techno and hard dance for an upbeat and heavy-hitting sound that’s balanced against delicate undertones. Hypnotizing vocal bends and lulling melodics offer a calming balance to the explosive uptempo explosions. The drops are fast and furious, built around pounding kick drums, bouncy bass, and a sweat-inducing tempo. “PIXIE” is an otherworldly rave demon that’s carried by its killer contrast.

Firing off the latter half of the package is “SHELLSHOCK,” an exhilarating expedition through the world of bass. Armed with snaking synth melodies, spellbinding vocalizations, and tense breakbeat drums, it’s a carefully crafted sonic weapon that drifts between intrigue and destruction. The first drop is a blustering trap concoction of murderous synths, booming bass, and stank face-inducing swing. Just when it feels like the track can be pinned down, the focus shifts, building the tension before releasing into a club-inspired bounce scored by multi-layered vocal chops and playful percussive elements. Bewitching, brutish, and evolving, “SHELLSHOCK” is a new breed of bass banger.

Drawing things to a close, TWERL enters the realms of 140 / deep dubstep with the beastly “TIKTOK.” Minimal yet massive, the dark cut pairs a stripped-back opening and breakdown with devastating drops. Sweet, poppy vocals counter the gritty beat while rap samples add a deeper dimension of filth. The low-end is engrossing and soul-stirring, while the lead rolls through like the sonic symbol of the dark arts. Don’t be deceived by the title, “TIKTOK” is built for dirty basement parties and underpass raves.

TWERL has been on a tear in the bass scene, holding onto a reputation for destroying any sound he touches, from trap to drum & bass, wave, dubstep, and beyond. The EP marks his fourth outing on NIGHTMODE following his debut “Break My Mind” with Team EZY, his drum & bass collab “Under Bright Lights” alongside Ekko & Sidetrack, and the project’s lead single. “Under Bright Lights” has gained over 2.3 million streams and drew support from UKF, The Music Essentials, Orange County EDM, Find Your Sounds, The Partae, and Vents Magazine. TWERL has worked with a wide array of top-tier talent including Luude, Heimanu, Virus Syndicate, Pauline Herr, Devault, and Slumberjack.

Gritty, heavy-hitting, and street-savvy, ‘HOOLIGAN’ is a multi-faceted masterpiece that flexes TWERL’s command over the various realms of bass music.

“We’re all Hooligans.”—TWERL


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