UK Garage Continues To Bounce Back With JED & Elle’s Summer Banger ‘Tru Luv’

uk garage tru luv

JED & Elle encapsulate the sound of the summer in their debut single together, ‘Tru Luv’. They combine engaging storytelling about a causal relationship with a groovy UKG instrumental and an infectious hook.

UK Garage has been on the cusp of returning to prominence for the past few years, with a few standout singles along the way. The Brighton based rapper, JED, is beginning to contribute to this exciting new wave of the genre in an innovative way.

‘Tru Luv’ displays the young lyricist’s ability to detail a narrative with illustrative imagery, impressive wordplay and funny bars.

Produced by Jack Marlow, the attention-grabbing instrumental begins with an explosive vocal sample and is soon joined by compressed synths, a punchy kick and half-beat hi-hats. The buoyant and bouncy beat works perfectly with JEDs energetic performance which smoothly switches from flow to flow and utilizes a variety of cadences. Perhaps the best part of the track comes from Elle’s soulful singing on the chorus which elevates the track to a whole new level.

‘Tru Luv’ is the first single of a collaborative EP from JED & Elle, who have been performing together on various stages across Brighton and London in 2022. In his very short career so far, JED has established himself in Brighton’s emerging music scene, becoming known for his dynamic flows and compelling lyrics. This anthemic debut single from him and Elle will no doubt build the excitement and curiosity around both of their names as well as their upcoming EP.


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