ULTRA Europe 2019: Armin van Buuren Plays A Stunning Mashup Of “Burned With Desire Vs Show Me Love”

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Armin van Buuren has long since proven himself as the king of mashups.

With so many festival performances in a year, it sure is important to keep sets fresh, and one key reason how Armin continues to do it is by introducing some of the best mashups that you can get to hear at the mainstage of a big festival.

It’s not just about identifying two songs that can be mixed together, it’s about identifying songs that are right for each other, and the set given the festival and Armin takes all of this into consideration.

No wonder that his mashups are some of the most sought after (too bad he doesn’t give them away as free downloads).

Don’t believe us? Relive his set from ULTRA Europe 2019, especially the moment where he played a stunning edit of “Burned With Desire” Vs “Show Me Love” at 20:57 in the below video.

If there are two songs that can personify the old and the new for Armin van Buuren, it’s got to be those two. “Burned With Desire” featuring Justine Suissa is one of the best songs by the trance legend, that continues to hold a nostalgic appeal for fans that have been there with him right from the start. “Show Me Love” is his new collaboration with Above & Beyond, and is as good as can be expected given the heavyweights that have collaborated.

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