Marshmello holds 2-minute silence for soldiers killed in Pulwama

What does a concert mean to you? Well, on the surface it is just mad jumping around, some intoxication and a good time spent with friends. A little deeper, and suddenly the music at a concert becomes most important. But, at its core, a concert is a coming together of humans to celebrate!

Marshmello’s ‘BIBA’ is a tribute to the King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan

Was there a better way for Marshmello to release his first Hindi track, than having dedicated it to the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan?

ULTRA Korea drops amazing 2018 aftermovie [WATCH]

As the festival readies for another ground-breaking year, ULTRA Korea has released its stunning 4K 2018 Aftermovie, directed by the Final Kid team.

Elephante takes you into the Glass Mansion with an animated video [WATCH]

The mammoth, chart-topping EP “Glass Mansion” from one of the hottest names in the dance music scene, Elephante, is one of the best albums you would have seen in the recent past. As a tribute to the prolific success of the EP, the artist takes you on a visual journey into the Glass Mansion with a 10-minute animated music video.

Become a DJ with these video tutorials you can access from anywhere!

Only knowing the craft of being a DJ is no longer enough to play the long game in the world of DJing.

T.H.E Interview – Mr. Belt & Wezol

Often described as the Netherlands’ most striking DJ duo, Mr. Belt & Wezol stand out both production and appearance wise.

Snails collaborates with Boogie T on extra heavy new track – Redline

The King of “Vomitstep” experiments with an extra-heavy, instrumental-driven sound on his new release – Redline, in collaboration with Boogie T.

Hardwell & Metropole Orkest at a sold-out Ziggo Dome Amsterdam was a fitting final show

On Thursday night (18th October) Hardwell gave his tentative last show in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Together with the Metropole Orkest, the DJ took his audience on a journey through the history of dance music with the show Symphony; The Global Revolution of Dance.

Chaney reveals video for ‘My House’ starring Bez

Hero of Swindon, the artist and producer CHANEY reveals a psychedelic new video starring Bez from the Happy Mondays. ‘My House’ accompanies Chaney’s latest single, which was released as part of his debut EP #SAVESWINDON earlier this year.

Bradley Gunn Raver is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him from raving

“Love Life and Rave” – It’s a simple mantra, which perfectly captures Bradley Gunn Raver’s happy-go-lucky attitude as he grooves through life.

4 steps to soundtrack your video effectively

Nowadays internet streaming is becoming more and more prominent so, video making has become an essential skill for all the people who want to become an online influencer.

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