Techno Icon UMEK Celebrates 30 Years Of His Career With Hard-Hitting 300th Release From His Label 1605 – “Hypnotizing” With Maddix

umek hypnotizing

UMEK celebrates massive milestones of 30 years in the music scene and 300th release on his label 1605 with the new single “Hypnotizing,” a monumental techno track worthy of its name.

The Slovenian icon wastes no time with the production, opening the track with an immediate hard-hitting, driving bassline. He seamlessly layers in undulating melodies on top of syncopating synths, even incorporating a haunting vocal riff mid-track that builds anticipation even further for the nonexistent drop. “Hypnotizing” is a dark and ominous sonic journey through time and space–from dungeons to dancefloors and beyond, wherever the listener’s imagination may roam when held captive by the mesmerizing beat. UMEK teams up with Dutch producer Maddix for this release, who has also released on Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Rave Culture, and Revealed Recordings. Check out what UMEK himself has to say about “Hypnotizing” below.

“Celebrating three decades in the dynamic realm of electronic music, I am overjoyed to mark this milestone with ‘Hypnotizing’ – a track that encapsulates the energy, passion, and relentless drive that have defined my career. As the 300th release under the auspicious banner of 1605, ‘Hypnotizing’ not only mirrors the evolution of my sound but also underscores the vision and spirit of a label committed to pushing boundaries. Here’s to the rhythm that unites us, the beats that inspire, and the magical 300 that reflects a journey of persistence and undying love for music. The hypnotic allure of the dance floor awaits, and I invite you all to lose yourselves in the mesmerizing world of ‘Hypnotizing'” – UMEK

What’s 2 meters tall, lives behind the Iron Curtain, has 1605 reasons to run an awesome label, and flies? Meet UMEK, a techno legend from Slovenia. UMEK is personally responsible for kickstarting the electronic music scene in his home country by first organizing illegal raves and then becoming one of Slovenia’s most wanted export products and the number one music ambassador to the whole world. And he does fly!

Around 100 times per year, visiting almost every continent each year. His gig diary ranges from dark underground clubs in Berlin to massive techno stages at the world’s most renowned festivals. Apart from making his name in the DJ booth, he’s also a tireless producer. He mostly releases on his own imprint 1605, and most of his tracks end up on the very top of Beatport’s charts. After 30 years as a professional musician, he decided to use his experience and skills in the entrepreneurial world, and together with his managers, he founded a music-tech startup Viberate.


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