Vall Unveils New Single, ‘Holding It Back’

vall holding it back

After a winter break, Vall unveils his new 2023 artistic direction with ‘Holding It Back’, the result of the last 6 months spent in the studio.

Featuring a high energy chorus and catchy melodies, the track refers to the emotions felt when having to move on from someone special without having wished for it.

‘Holding It Back’ is the result of Vall’s recent rise in the music industry, getting the opportunity to take his project to the next level by working closely with London based label Lilly Era under the experienced wing of UK producer James Carter, head and founder of the record label.

The new single ‘Holding It Back’ is set to start a new chapter in Vall’s career, unveiling a darker side of his music featuring deeper drums and synth while keeping classic arrangements and impeccable vocals on top of his productions. Having started out with chill house remixes on SoundCloud, he was quickly noticed and released a handful of singles that has now gathered tens of millions of streams on Spotify alone: the French producer and songwriter is able to catch the attention by providing catchy and dance-driven tracks that are sure to demand attention among the growing electronic music industry.

‘Holding It Back’ is out now via Lilly Era.


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