Vicetone reveals the highly anticipated elements EP

vicetone elements

Dutch DJ duo Vicetone has unveiled their highly anticipated EP “Elements”, which include two recent singles “Fences” featuring Matt Wertz and “Something Strange” with platinum selling artist Haley Reinhart. “Elements” will feature two unreleased tracks “Home” and “Feels Like” featuring LAUR.

With “Elements” serving as the follow up to 2016’s Aurora, the EP features more live instrumentalization than ever before that illustrate sonic depth from the progressive house duo.

Victor adds, “This is the first thing we’ve done where we’re playing guitar, and it lets us get so many sounds we’d never be able to get through sampling.”

“Elements” opens with title track “Something Strange”, an uplifting tune with slick piano melodies led by the soulful vocal talents of Haley Reinhart. Vicetone experiment with delicate guitar notes on next single “Fences”, accompanied by the smooth vocal talents of Matt Wertz.

While the single features jangly tambourine rhythms and more upbeat tones, the theme of the single touches on a serious and melancholic topic. “”Fences” is about someone trying to help his girlfriend out of a depression—it’s meant to have a motivational feeling to it,” Victor states.

In contrast, “Home” captures a sweet nostalgia for childhood with an atmospheric tone and shimmering textures. Rounding off the EP with single “Feels Like”, Vicetone fully embrace their progressive-house roots, turning out a transcendent club anthem woven with the hypnotic vocals of singer/songwriter LAUR.

The release of “Elements” solidifies the Dutch duo’s reputation as one of dance music’s most innovative producers!


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