Viewfinder Offers His Inspirations For Latest EP On WOWVE Records

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Viewfinder has just dropped a four track drum & bass EP on newcomer label WOWVE Records, where he’s just recently been exclusively signed and made a home amongst a massive selection of records.

With his love for the genre beginning at a young age, his influences have ranged from household names such as Krust to RAM Trilogy, figures who’ve led him to writing his own music. And label boss Bruno has helped him to cultivate his sounds, something which is represented through his forthcoming package on the label, self-titled and which arrived this weekend. You can listen to this below.

In celebration, he’s delivered to us a playlist which shows the tracks which have inspired him over the years. Check out his choices below, and grab a copy of his new EP here.

1 – Noisia – Stigma

Production is off the scale. Still every single time I listen to this tune I get goosebumps. All out thrashy neuro dnb goodness that no producer can touch in my opinion. In a league of its own like many other Noisia tunes.

2 – Ram Trilogy – Human Future

Molton Beats is iconic and possibly for me still one of the best drum and bass albums ever made. Way ahead of its time, completely pioneering style and sound and every track bangs. Human future is a particular favourite of mine because of the energy this track brings and without a doubt it stands up against more modern drum and bass tunes and still goes off in a mix.

3 – Serum – Chop House

Wobble, wobble, wobbly wobbles at its absolute best – Very rarely when I’m having a mix do I not end up dropping this tune. Banger

4 – Logistics – Colour wheel

Take me back to the days when going to see Andy C in a small local club was a fairly regular occurrence – he would always drop this tune and the crowd would erupt together in a jubilant cheer. Logistics is a fantastic producer and I’ve always been a massive fan.

5 – Calyx – Cyclone

No Turning Back mix cd was one of the first albums I bought and I was obsessed with it to be honest. I always listened to it from start to finish and back then (and I feel as is still the case now) nothing else in DNB sounds like Calyx or Calyx and Teebee and I love that uniqueness and energy this tune brings to the table.

6 – G Dub, Jaydan – Crush

Pretty much every time there was a G Dub release (ep or single) I went straight down to the record shop and bought it without listening to it and was rarely disappointed, still mixing it now.

7 – Hazard – Time tripping

There are a ton of Hazard tunes I could place into this playlist but this one is a decade old and still a firm favourite amongst the crowd and djs – rightly so too!

8 – Tantrum desire – Deep

One of my favourite producers and I’m very much inspired by his music. There are so so so many tunes to choose from so I decided to go with his latest release which has that distinctive Tantrum Desire style and sound. Don’t think I ever have a mix that doesn’t include a Tantrum desire tune.

9 – DJ Hybrid – Warehouse

Local to my area I had the privilege of shooting all his press shots a few years back – extremely passionate and dedicated to his music – so good to see this come out on SPY’s label and it’s an absolute banger!!!!

10 – Sub Focus – Druggy

Almost impossible to pick a tune of his – there are so many – if I could I’d most likely choose “spaghetti western” but it sadly never saw the light of day and remains a dub. This track reminds me of the early Sub Focus years on ram which were exciting to be a part of the scene as they were being released.

11 – DJ Fresh – Heavyweight A.M.C REMIX

When Heavyweight was released I remember it being close to what Badadan currently is – never went to a rave and didn’t hear it. With A.M.C putting his spin on this track it made for a weighty take on what is in my eyes a classic. BANGER!


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