WAFF Launches Brand New Label Nature With His Own 3 Track “Colours” EP

waff colours

Influential house and techno titan wAFF is branching out with his own new label, Nature.

As well as donating a portion of profits to animal charities, the label will become a platform for music that in some ways heals us, just like nature itself. The innovative DJ and producer kicks it off with his own new three tracker, ‘Colours’.

You name it, wAFF has done it. The UK artist has headlined every major club and festival in the world, has released for labels like Cocoon, Hot Creations, Desolat and Moon Harbour Recordings and always brings his own flavours every time he steps out. It is now almost a decade since he broke through, so is the perfect time to start his own imprint.

Says wAFF, “There’s so much that’s happened over the past two years that I really wanted to create a platform of expression and creativity that would be meaningful not just for me but for everyone. I hope the label will be something that brings us back down to earth, to ground us. Nature is so important to me so I wanted something that felt like an extension of myself and what I care about so much. Nature, provides all life with what we need, nature heals us and that’s something I like to think of with this label. By providing the best quality of music for everyone, it can help with healing.”

The stylish ‘Colours’ is a taught, driving house track with slinky hi hats and rubbery drums. The monstrous bassline bobbles away down low and is sure to lock in any crowd. Django is another inventive groove, with lush claps and a knotted bassline that drives the track along beneath infectious percussion and silky smooth synths. Switchin is the most raw of the lot with its busy leads, razor sharp tech house drums and glitchy effects. Add in some turbocharged chords and you have a sleazy and standout banger.

These are three vital tunes that start off this label in fantastic fashion.


A1) Colours
B1) Django
B2) Switchin


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