WAJU ft KyleTheHooligan – 4 Me (Official Music Video)


Residing in both New York and Sweden, innovative New York producer/ songwriter, WAJU, prudently graces his production sound to consequently capture the beauty of any given musical genre.

His international resume includes working closely with an unnamed artist from Stockholm on smashing debut single “FADED,” Australian artist NYNE, and ongoing projects with R&B newcomer Teflon Sega and Atlanta’s Kyle the Hooligan on the hit single “Liquor with No Juice.”

WAJU along side the previously mentioned, Kyle the Hooligan, succeeded in debuting second hit single “4 Me” on MILK Magazine, which claims the recently released track is a “real, raw, honest window into someone’s life, and that makes it all the more impactful.” Today, WAJU shares the singles enigmatic visual counterpart in the form of an official music video.

WAJU carefully portrays the matured communique of the song via a carefully crafted animation the captures the essence of the track’s core. The musical composition of smooth drum patterns and Kyle the Hooligan’s soothing, soulful vocals, and libretto, provide the perfect score for the nearly four-minute journey the music video takes the viewer on. For those already familiar with the single, the music video will provide a surprising western aesthetic and overall unique interpretation of “4 Me.”


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