Whales Joins Forces With Fytch For Emotionally Charged Single, “Beyond”

whales beyond

With the imminent release of his eagerly awaited sophomore album Two Worlds Apart, illustrious bass virtuoso Whales proudly unveils his latest masterpiece, “Beyond.”

Serving as the third single from his forthcoming LP, the track is the fruit of a melodious alliance with the talented Fytch, curating a sonically captivating experience unique to their collaboration. Diverging subtly from the tonal qualities of the first two singles off Two Worlds Apart, “Beyond” conjures an atmosphere both soul-stirring and electrifying for listeners showcasing Fytch’s bewitching vocals and profoundly touching lyrics. The song embarks on an introspective exploration of self-discovery and the quest for one’s place in the world. Further fueling the excitement for the forthcoming album, “Beyond” is due for release August 24.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Fytch for over a decade. I can still remember being 14 years old, completely blown away by his song “In These Shadows”. His musical skills and the way he crafts his harmonies in songs really stuck with me and inspired me. I followed his music for years until we eventually became friends. I wasted no time telling him how much I’d love to collaborate, but I never had a song that felt worthy of sending him until one magical day. It was 4 am, and I found myself alone in the studio with no distractions—no phone, no music, no lights. Out of nowhere, I started humming the guitar melody and then the lead in the drop. I quickly recorded a voice note of it and by 6 am, I had most of the idea figured out. I even named the demo “6am”. From the moment I started working on it, I knew Fytch was the perfect match. It had that emotional depth I knew he could take to the next level. So, I sent him the demo without hesitation. He liked it, but due to some other commitments, he couldn’t work on it for almost a year. Since the album is all about my roots, musical influences, and inspirations, it just felt right to have Fytch involved.” – WHALES

Kicking off with a hauntingly beautiful intro underscored by a melancholic string riff, Whales spellbinds listeners, embarking on an introspective voyage of self-realization. The lyrics skillfully sketch an evocative tableau of solitude and grief, instilling a longing for self-worth and purpose. The harmonious juxtaposition of hypnotic synths and a robust bassline is a testament to Whales’ expert craftsmanship, as he aptly encapsulates the song’s central themes while simultaneously triggering a rhythm inviting to dance. The narrative develops further in the subsequent verse, illuminating the universal struggle of discerning truth amid deceit. The song reaches its zenith in a resounding climax combining an electronic symphony with a gripping guitar melody.

“Fast forward, we rekindle our creative flow, and after a couple of weeks, we created”Beyond “! It’s one of my absolute favorite songs I’ve ever worked on. There’s something about the energy it brings that’s simply unmatched. I know I’ll have it on repeat, and the lyrics tie in perfectly with the album’s overall theme. I feel incredibly lucky to collaborate with such talented artists like Fytch and everyone else involved in this album. It’s truly amazing when two worlds collide in the best possible way.” – WHALES

Demonstrating his exceptional musical capabilities with “Beyond,” Whales presents electronic music aficionados with an extraordinary and emotionally charged masterpiece. Serving as the third single from Two Worlds Apart, “Beyond” heightens the mounting excitement for the album’s premiere. The escalating acclaim for his forthcoming album paves the way for a thrilling journey ahead as Whales readies himself for his eagerly awaited North American tour, poised to enthrall audiences coast to coast. This summer, festival-goers can anticipate Whales’ electrifying performances at renowned festivals, including Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. The upcoming release of Two Worlds Apart drawing near signifies a pivotal chapter in Whales’ musical career, primed to etch an indelible impression on the bass music realm.


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