Whales & Dutch Melrose Unveil Melodic Trap Single “Souvenir” on Monstercat

whales souvenir

Dubstep producer Whales and singer-songwriter Dutch Melrose made their Monstercat debut today with their new single “Souvenir”.

The energetic electric guitar and powerful lead vocals, conjure memories of pop-punk songs from the early 2000s. As the track swells, the thick 808 kicks and choppy synth chords give the drop a melodic trap feel, injecting upbeat energy into this angsty tune. With a standout collab like this, we can’t wait to see what Whales releases next!

Whales shares, “In early 2020, I started to sing and try new things with my vocals. Every day after my casual EDM work, I’d write songs and beats and just jam. In mid-2020, I discovered Dutch through my Spotify Discover Weekly, and slowly started to check out his stuff. He was more in the alternative pop world, and I reached out to him because I knew we’d create some beautiful music together. I sent him this one beat that I originally made and had my vocals on, without a drop or a build-up, along with a couple of other beats for him to write over. Originally I thought I’d take his topline and make a brand new EDM-ish song out of it, but the second I heard him on the beat with the ‘Souvenir’ lyrics, I KNEW we had to keep going with it. My favorite music to listen to is alternative punk beats and melodic rap, so it was a pleasure for me to blend the music I love listening to, with EDM. ‘Souvenir’ is one of the only songs I can listen to on repeat from my own catalogue.”


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