Xotix Launches Into Experimental Low-End With Four-Track ‘A VERY WEIRD & TOTALLY AWESOME JOURNEY’ EP

xotix a very weird & totally awesome journey

Northern California duo Xotix are back on Bassrush Records with their aptly titled “A VERY WEIRD AND TOTALLY AWESOME JOURNEY’ EP.

The four-track project charts a thematic adventure that rockets listeners through the galaxy scored by their signature wonky bass sound. The highly anticipated release follows the success of the lead single “Wook Rocket” featuring NorCal hip-hop head Pure Powers.

Launching with force, “Wook Rocket” sets the tone by fusing underground rap with trap and experimental bass. Pure Powers’ vocals take center stage from the outset, mixing braggadocious bars with vivid imagery that expands on the track’s exploration theme. The fierce flows glide over the rubbery rap beats before reaching escape velocity. The drops blast off into another dimension with chirping synth leads, metallic springlike stabs, clanking percussion, distorted bottom-end, and a whole world of leftfield flavor. The namesake vocals are looped and bent to create an anthemic yet gritty aesthetic. Mind-bending sound design and spacey flourishes simulate skyrocketing through the cosmos while Powers’ raps keep things grounded. Finding the perfect balance between experimental and approachable, “Wook Rocket” is an absolute weapon.

For the next part of the voyage, Xotix joins forces with rising bass phenom MYRIAS. “SPIN” is a dark and destructive anthem that flings itself through a black hole. Pitched-down vocals give it a villainous vibe that’s amplified by grisly undertones and pulse-raising wailing alarm sirens. The drops pack in stabby vocal synth leads, hip-hop vocal chops, mind-melding sound design, and a distinct deep dubstep groove. The diverse drops shapeshift, switching the style up with each progression while injecting exhilarating elements in each to keep listeners on their toes. Underpinned by a cinematic sci-fi edge and enhanced by the gritty dub bounce, “SPIN” showcases why Xotix and MYRIAS are taking over the bass scene.

Exploring a more playful direction comes “SUCKA.” The track blends perfectly with the sonic direction of the project while adding a touch of fun-loving energy. Built around an addictive and exotic vocal, the hook has a lingering effect. The pair builds around the catchy vocal with bouncy leads, cartoony flourishes, exuberant percussion, and wild wubs. The sound design is top-tier and the bass is heavy enough to rattle the soul. It’s an exhilarating dance-friendly bass banger with an earworm hook that offers viral potential. It might be tough to decipher what it’s saying, but that’s also part of its burrowing appeal.

Closing things off comes “BUTTERFACE.” Wild in more ways than one, the track mixes absurd and comedic raps with icy production. The lyrics center around the track’s namesake with a ridiculous edge, all while the production stays masterful. The trap-inspired beat is built around a chilling, spacey lead that’s both hypnotic and head-nodding. Booming 808s and snappy percussion accentuate the impeccable backing, priming those trap arms to engage full force. “BUTTERFACE” acts as an irreverent anthem to cap off the weird and wild journey that is Xotix’s latest EP.

Xotix breaks down the whole affair in their own words, saying: “The process of writing this EP really started when we wrote and recorded the vocals for ‘WOOK ROCKET’ with Pure Powers. The idea of an epic space-bass odyssey came together pretty seamlessly after that, hence the name ‘A VERY WEIRD AND TOTALLY AWESOME JOURNEY.’ We already had ‘SPIN’ written with Myrias, so we made edits to emphasize the darker vibes in that song; and as a result ‘SPIN’ became the embodiment of the darker, more challenging part of this journey. ‘SUCKA’ was also already in the works; so we found a fun, catchy vocal that would kind of feel a bit more lighthearted and carefree. Finally, ‘BUTTERFACE’ was made as more of a joke than anything else. We thought the vocals that Jake laid down were stupid and fun, so we decided to throw the song on the EP for fun. All in all, we feel it came together really nicely, with ‘WOOK ROCKET’ serving as a sort of mission statement and manifesto for the rest of the album; ‘SPIN’ and ‘SUCKA’ embodying the duality of the positive and negative aspects of the journey, and ‘BUTTERFACE’ as a big, irreverent, meaningless cherry on top.”

Hailing from North California, Xotix is a production pair specializing in mind-bending dubstep and experimental bass music. They are fresh off two collaborative tracks with LSDream, “RAD” and “Elastic.” The rising stars have become favorites among the industry, landing press support from top-tier outlets like This Song Is Sick, FUXWITHIT, Heard It Here First, EDM Identity, Electric Hawk, Compose Yourself Magazine, The Untz, and Dub Rebellion. Catch Xotix this year as they provide live support for Liquid Stranger’s EXPANSION tour, Ganja White Night at Area 15, and other notable acts like Jantsen, AHEE, and Shlump.

Weird, wild, and totally awesome, Xotix’s new EP is a fun-filled journey through the world of space bass that delivers as promised.

Xotix’s new EP ‘A VERY WEIRD & TOTALLY AWESOME JOURNEY’ is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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