YOOKiE & Jameston Thieves join forces for explosive new collaboration – Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks

It’s time for worlds to collide from one genre-defying artist to another, as YOOKiE and Jameston Thieves team up for explosive new collaboration – Pop Rocks.

Having previously collaborated on Bonkerz, Freshkimo, and OMG, these guys know how to craft one hell of a smasher. Out on July 24th, Pop Rocks delivers the goods as a heart-racing slice of bass mastery.

“Someone told us a while ago that they missed our “alien sounds” so we got together with the most extra-terrestrial creature we know and made Pop Rocks.” – YOOKiE

Never ones to follow the crowd, YOOKiE, and Jameston Thieves have defied categorisation with a track that’s sole aim is to blow minds. Combining their love for the weird, the wonderful and the undefinable, delivering a ground-breaking collaboration laced with powerful bass hits, twanging riffs and a plethora of samples that’ll catch you off-guard.

“Pop rocks was a super fun song to meld minds with YOOKiE on. It’s sort of a paradox of vibes, where the song is a rather dark feeling, but the lyrics are more or less a bit whimsical. With the drop sounds, we both tried to make noises that more or less sounded like pop rocks!” – JAMESTON THIEVES


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