Lisbon-Based Your friend, daao Releases Beautiful, Poignant EP ‘Missing: You So Much’

your friend daao missing you so much

Armenian musician, artist, producer, and DJ Your friend, daao’s sounds are unique.

Known for his immersive live and DJ sets, intertwining art and music into thoughtfully crafted shows, Your friend, daao transports you into a musical world like no other where creativity is key, playing alongside equally creative forces such as DVS1, Young Marco Soichi Terada, Masalo, Viken Arman and Kareem Ali.

After leaving his home city of Yeravan and relocating to Lisbon, Your friend, daao did more than a little soul-searching. ‘Missing: You So Much’ EP is the product of that reflection, of being present with one’s emotions. Your friend, daao has a gift of translating feelings into music, blending juxtaposing sounds in a way you’ve never heard before creating something familiar yet fresh.

First up is the titular Missing: You So Much. Close your eyes as the track starts and go on a journey with Your friend, daao through an abandoned tunnel, shafts of light illuminating the ferns as whispers echo around you. From the end of the tunnel, you hear Kat Abel’s beautiful acapella, distant but getting closer with each step you take, until at 1:47, the vocal is joined by some amazing jazz funk drumming, subverting your expectations in a delicious way.

By contrast, ditto wakes you up in a giant turbine hall, machine noise echoing from far away. Suddenly, a voice tells you ‘You got nothing on me’ signalling the most sumptuous breakbeat and vocal acrobatics, as the empty space around you fills with loved up ravers.

Thirdly, the feel-good disco baleari, out as a single on March 15 kicks straight in with the sweetest drum fill sample. Luscious valve synths wash in and out of the beat of this soulful track, topped off with some wicked scratching techniques. I’ve Got To Know Myself drops you straight onto the dancefloor, ‘We’re living for the free, it’s time to move your feet’ the perfect lyrics to this 4/4 kick and hi-hat slice of joy.

Your friend, daao explains: ” Missing: You So Much reflects my profound realization of the importance of simplicity and authenticity in the creative process. It’s a tribute to that inner child within me, beckoning me to return to a time when creativity flowed freely without constraint, reclaiming that pure sense of playfulness and spontaneity, unburdened by external distractions or self-imposed limitations.”

“The four tracks embody a spectrum of emotions, from upbeat and joyful to introspective and emotive. They serve as manifestations of my creative processes and experiences. The simple yet compelling electronic melodies accompanied by heartfelt vocals, theycapture moments of reflection, growth, and acceptance.”


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