Armin van Buuren the latest victim of SFX’s mess


SFX Entertainment’s bankruptcy has not only affected the company and its shareholders but also its various stakeholders, one of them being Armin van Buuren & his fans.

We told you there was gonna be more news and we weren’t wrong! Following SFX’s announcement of bankruptcy, the company has been forced to sell off its major assets, including their music store Beatport. Now you may be wondering what does this have to do with Armin, he’s got nothing to do with SFX. Well, not directly…

Armin Van Buuren has been touring the world with his successful Armin Only World Tour, celebrating the release of his album, Embrace. The DJ was to make a stopover in Australia this June, however thats not gonna happen anymore. The event was to be organized by promotions company, Totem OneLove, a subsidiary of SFX. Due to SFX’s bankruptcy, OneLove has put it’s HQ up for sale, in turn dissolving all hope of Armin Only’s Sydney and Melbourne events.

Here’s the Armin Only Intense version from previous years. Sorry Australia, but blame Sillerman!

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