Brand New Party Cruise Anchored launches in Europe


Anchored is delighted to announce its bold, brave and brilliant plans for a primo party cruise around some stunning locations in Europe. Taking place on multi million pound Royal Caribbean ship the Jewel of the Seas, this unique cruise takes place from June 11th to 18th 2017 and sails to and from Italy via Greece islands Santorini, Mykonos and the South of France.


Forever Cruises, Royal Caribbean and some of Europe’s leading party brands are behind this once in a lifetime chance to enjoy a festival like no other. You will be able to relax and chill, party and dance under baking sun, sip cocktails on deck and enjoy everything all the vast and luxurious ship has to offer, all with a soundtrack provided by the best DJs in the world.


The ocean going liner has recently been lavishly refurbished with millions of pounds of development and boasts 1000 rooms, many with sea views and plush home comforts, as well as 10 restaurants offering Michelin star food, a cinema, gym, theatre for full West End shows, spa, 24 hour casino and games room plus many different themed bars. The Jewel of the Seas really is a sensational playground on which to get away from everyday life and get down to your favourite dance sounds.

The spectacular cruise lasts a full week and brings the UK’s biggest party brands and DJs from around the world on board. There are various day long and overnight stops in Santorini and Mykonos in Greece as well as Cannes in the South of France and Rome in Italy. What’s more, once you hit land around the Mediterranean, special beach parties and club events will be awaiting for you in the most perfect locations so you can feel like a true celebrity as you hop on and off board.

This really is a first of its kind in Europe and is set to be something only a lucky few will get to be a part of. Musical details, events, brands and DJs will be announced in the coming weeks, but for now you should already be getting beyond excited for Anchored.

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