One Half Of Chocolate Puma Decides To Quit Touring And Focus Solely On Production

gaston chocolate puma

Chocolate Puma, the Dutch DJ/Producers duo consisting of René ter Horst and Gaston Steenkist aka Dj Zki & Dobre have always had a major influence on the European Dance music scene.

With their careers spanning 27 plus years and 400+ releases, the duo has delivered club hits under several artist names. While they dabbled together for many years, Chocolate Puma came to life in 2001 with the release of ‘I Wanna Be U.’

Gaston however seems to have come to the other side of the pandemic with a hard decision, he shared on the duo’s Instagram that he will stop touring.

In a detailed and heartfelt statement, he said, “A lot has happened in my personal life since the beginning of this pandemic, both sad and beautiful things. Being forced to be at home like the rest of my fellow DJ’s made me think about my life. It felt like a tipping point for me.”

He went further to share how while the decision was hard but important, he will still be continuing to produce and “spend more time being creative in the studio.”

Sharing his mixed feelings about the decision he said, ​​“Although I undoubtedly will miss seeing your faces, feeding off of your energy and experiencing our music on dance floors, I’m also very much looking forward to spend more time being creative in the studio. Having the time to dive deeper, to be the total producer nerd, to explore new paths. To take Chocolate Puma to the next level.”

He did clarify for all their fans out there that this was by no means a goodbye to Chocolate Puma, stating that René will be continuing to tour and DJ on their behalf and represent Chocolate Puma live.

Read the full statement below.

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