Diplo starts a twitter war with Zedd, deadmau5 intervenes (obviously)


It’s just another day when some DJ starts a twitter war with another. Whether its between deamau5 & carnage (which I won’t even waste my time writing about) or Diplo & Zedd, one thing’s always common – its just a war of egos.

So a lot have us have already heard Zedd’s latest track ‘Candyman’ featuring vocals from Aloe Blacc. What we haven’t seen is the M&Ms advert video for which it was made. So before we get started lets have a look…

It all started when Diplo put out the following tweet,

Now Diplo, the guy who’s worked with Bieber and Madonna among several famous celebs, just called Zedd a sellout for doing an M&M advertisement. Huh…

No wonder Zedd hit back.

And ofcourse this was time for the troll king to have his say on the matter as well. Enter, Joel Zimmerman…

Now while deadmau5 tended to his goats, Diplo went back to Zedd…


Zedd’s reply was deleted but he replied back with a simple “ *you’re “.

At this point there’s clearly no point in arguing with Diplo. Guess he’s just in one of those moods of his or just drunk. Either way, Zedd played it pretty cool throughout; and deadmau5, yea we love you too.
Though if it helps, here’s what a fan had to say about the whole argument…

Following this whole argument a lot of other DJs decided to pull diplo’s leg by starting a whole DJ Royal Rumble on Twitter. Sit back and laugh away…

DJ Snake was pretty clear in what he had to say!

Now comes the best part, a couple of confusing selfies!

And this tweet summarises our reaction!

Seriously, what the hell just happened!

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