Proposal for Ultra Music Festival to Return to Bayfront Park Revised Again

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Ultra Music Festival’s future in Miami has been in the doldrums for over the past two years now.

After many a heartache and being voted to move out of their Bayfront Park home right after celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2018, UMF 2019 saw them move to Miami Marine Stadium & Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

While this saw them face their fair share of issues, as any festival would on its first time in a new venue, the festival came out stronger on the other side. In early May, Ultra addressed the issues stating they would permanently be moving the festival away from Miami to South Florida since “It is clear that the festival experience on Virginia Key was simply not good enough”, they said in an official statement.

After this announcement the City of Miami got on its toes and addressed the issue asking Ultra to reconsider and stay in its 21 year home, Miami. From the Homestead-Miami Speedway to Lummus Park, the options which were suddenly at Ultra’s disposal and gave the organizers a great deal more power than they had in the recent past.

While the potential of Ultra returning to its original home at Bayfront then came into play, the final decision on the matter is to be taken in a meeting on July 25. In the wake of this meeting some key changes to the proposal drafted by the city seem to have been brought to light.

From a 10 pm deadline on Sunday to a reduction in the volume from 110 decibels to 104 decibels measured 60 feet away from each stage, some changes will impact attendees more then others if agreed upon. The proposals also shows that Ultra will need to pay for police and fire department presence in addition to the $2 million fee.

With an unsure future after the treatment they got in 2018, the ball will be in Ultra’s court to agree upon or not after the official proposal is discussed in the meeting on July 25.

In the meantime here are some stellar memories from Ultra’s last year at Bayfront Park in 2018.


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