Ultra Music Festival “Might” Return To Its Original Home, Miami

Ultra Music Festival 2020 location

Ultra Music Festival 2020 location

In an exciting (and a little funny) turn of events, Ultra Music Festival “might” return to its original home, Miami.

Just last week, Ultra Music Festival had announced that they would permanently be moving out of Miami and that the event will find its permanent home in Florida. Now, the City commissioner Ricky Arriola is proposing that the city entered negotiations to host the festival at Lummus Park in 2020.

Lummus Park is a beachside venue which is almost twice the size of Bayfront Park which was its real home. That might be encouraging in terms of the space available, but whether the organisers will choose the city and the proposed venue is something we’ll have to wait and see.

A meeting regarding the same is scheduled for the 22nd of May and we can’t wait to hear the final word. What do you think the final home Ultra Music Festival will be?

Pavan Kumar


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