Ranveer Singh or Alia Bhatt to meet The Chainsmokers?

Ranveer Singh

As the excitement for the Grammy award winning duo, The Chainsmokers’ debut visit gears up, we got some exciting scoop on the visit.

The company that is responsible for hosting the acclaimed Road To Ultra property in Mumbai and New Delhi for the very first time, Percept Live, is planning to add a dash of Bollywood to the dance music showcase.

We have heard that Ranveer Singh will indulge in a 60 minute candid tete with the The Chainsmokers on a racing track! Yes you heard it right! The Budh International Circuit will be privy to a first of its kind whacked out celebrity engagement that will play out live, as it unfolds with no edits, to millions of users across the nation. While it is a known fact that the king of quirk Ranveer is a dance music aficionado, The Chainsmokers are not far behind with the duo not being alien to the concept of Bollywood (they collaborated with Priyanka Chopra for Erase in 2012).

Way back in 2014 the King of Bhangra and EDM whiz Deadmau5 went on a coffee run in a Ferrari which broke the internet quite literally. Fast forward to 2017 and history will repeat but this time with a greater sense of wit and improv.

Sources close to the development state, “This discussion has been underway since almost three months now. The Chainsmokers are keen to explore India on this visit and since they will have enough resting time in the capital this seems like the most viable option. There is no better choice than the youth icon Ranveer Singh who seem a perfect fit for this activity. While Ranveer is being spoken with for the coffee run Alia is also being considered since the management feels that this pairing will have the right ingredients for a successful episode. Priyanka Chopra was the first choice since she has worked with the duo but due to her being away from the country when they are in India the idea was dropped. Apart from the coffee run loads of celebrities are expected at the Ultra event right from Arjun Rampal to Rana Duggabati to Prateik Babbar.”

We must agree a lot can definitely happen over coffee!

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