Steve Aoki Teams Up With Bulgari To Release $3000 ‘Rave Watch’

steve aoki bulgari

In another unlikely collaboration, Steve Aoki partnered up with luxury brand Bulgari on a new watch ‘made for raves.’

The DJ, producer, and entrepreneur, dawns many a hat in addition to his successful music career such as label boss, pizza joint owner and he also runs his own charity. With a $3000 price tag, the watch is hardly pocket-friendly.

As per a Bloomberg interview with Aoki, the signature feature which makes the watch ‘rave ready’ is a Superluminova dial that lights up, “perfect for waving around at your next festival in lieu of a glow stick.” The dial also features a signature Aoki logo inside the dial when it glows.

While speaking about the collaboration, Aoki said, “Bulgari is art. With certain brands, they get to the point of a legacy where they just never depreciate. I’m a collector; I collect physical art and I’m an NFT guy. Bulgari just has that premium. It goes up in value and it has a history and culture. And it takes a lot of time and being masters of your work, to get there. They’re just so high caliber, it’s such an honor to be able to work with them at this level.”

While Aoki was asked what part of the watch feels the most like him, he explained, “I think one of the most important things that denotes who I am is nightlife. I thrive at night. My parties are live at night, my shows. So we wanted to make the watch something you wear when you go out and get active at night. That’s what the Superluminova is all about. It’s just that glowing pop.”

The timepiece is will be available in a 40mm aluminum and titanium case with a black rubber bezel. It comes with a black rubber bracelet with a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

The Bulgari Aluminium Steve Aoki Special Edition watch, called ‘A Beam Of Light At Night’ will retail for $3,050 and will be available on Bulgari’s official website here.

(H/T: We Rave You)

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