Tensteps Presents ‘Live From The Mojave Desert’

tensteps live from the mojave desert

With the release of his highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Infinite’, Tensteps presents, ‘Live From The Mojave Desert’: a performance commemorating this new release.

As he showcases his impressive DJing talents, Tensteps delivers a live set featuring ‘Infinite’ in its entirety, as well as a carefully selected collection of productions from other gifted Artists within Electronic Music: a special live show, this new performance from Tensteps appears as the perfect celebration to mark this milestone release.

Having gained a reputation as an exciting talent to watch out for over this past year, teasing fans with singles from the album and collaborating with a stellar collection of gifted Artists within Electronic Music, Tensteps’ popularity has been steadily growing; a Producer and DJ known for his ability to captivate audiences and seemingly effortless persuade them to join the dancefloor, Tensteps appears unfailing in his determination to deliver powerful music. Now, following the release of his album, Tensteps highlights his expertise in another avenue of his creativity: a true talent when it comes to live DJing, this new set from Tensteps shines a light on the multifaceted nature of his talents.

As he guides listeners through the exciting and energetic sounds of ‘Infinite’, taking them on a journey through the 17 tracks, Tensteps showcases his impressive signature production style, highlighting his original blend of Trance, Progressive, Melodic Bass and Psytrance. With the album playing host to Tensteps’ collaborations with Vocalists like SGNLS, Linney, and Sarah De Warren, this live set appears as both a bold and diverse listening experience that is sure to capture the attention of both his followers and all lovers of Electronic Music.

Injecting the performance with variation, Tensteps mixes in tracks from the likes of Gareth Emery & Omnia, Spencer Newell, and Taylor Torrence & Jorza; as he shines a light on the range of talented Artists within Electronic Music, Tensteps also adds his own unique colour into the set as he mashes together tracks like ‘Firebird’ by Tycoos & Aimoon and ‘Never Cry Again’ from Dash Berlin.

Recorded live from the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed in Nevada, the release of this new live set from Tensteps not only highlights the unwavering energy and joy he exudes when he takes to DJing but also acts as an innovative exhibition of the fresh and unique sounds of his new album, ‘Infinite.’ ‘Live From The Mojave Desert’ is available to watch now via YouTube.


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