Thaibreak Festival is the ‘Beachy’ getaway you need to attend this month!

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Thaibreak Festival and Partysan, the team behind the annual 14-day vacation escape Thaibreak, have announced Thaibreak Festival 2019 an exclusive 500-guest event, scheduled to take place from March 14-18, 2019 at Koh Mak Island in the Gulf of Thailand.

After its debut in March 2018, the festival returns for its second edition while remaining its concept of a small, fine and sophisticated boutique festival experience held over four nights, strictly limited to 500 participants with more than one hundred festival travelers from various European countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Poland already traveling to Koh Mak as part of their annual “Thaibreak” 21st year of lifestyle vacation.

The festival of true cultural exchange features electronic music, beach & boat parties, breathtaking sunsets, cozy after hours, sports, relaxing massage treatments and food offered by local vendors in a carefully decorated environment with sustainability being a top priority in every single element incorporated into the event.

Thaibreak Festival 2019 lineup

The team unveils the exciting international line up showcasing the finest in House and Techno music whose appearances normally can be found in tens of thousands of people festivals. At Thaibreak guests will enjoy intimate music showcase from Oliver Koletzki, AKA AKA, Felix Kröcher, Klangkuenstler, Phil Fuldner, Tobi Neumann, Domenic D’Agnelli, Markus Fix, MEAT, Niko Schwind, Cotumo, and LOVRA. Local artists are also featured including DOTT, Chamapoo, Superstar Panda, Nudsko, Junesis, and Casper.

Thaibreak Festival 2019 tickets

“Thaibreak” has become one of the most looked forward to events of the island giving consistently to the Thai tourism industry while contributing substantially to the music scene. On its 20th anniversary of the niche holiday experience, it successfully celebrated the long-standing relationship with Koh Mak and its people with respect to keeping the island in the best condition, sustainable tourism economy contribution while putting Koh Mak on the international map.

Tickets and hotel accommodations are available here, at THB 3,500 for the 4-day event entrance.

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