Vh1 Supersonic explains why they haven’t released any tickets as yet


Goa’s Vh1 Supersonic has put out a statement explaining the reasons for this year’s delay in event and ticketing information.

One of India’s biggest year-end bashes Vh1 Supersonic have generally got fans excited with festival dates, lineups and even pre-sale of tickets by this time of the year. However this year there’s been no activity at all. Why? Well we’ll let the organizers answer that question for you below:

Dear Superfans,

So you’re wondering why we haven’t released our 2016 festival tickets yet? We thought we owe you an explanation. So here are the facts:
-Last year in December, the Goa CM raised concerns about heavy traffic & security situation in Goa during peak season.
-Reiterating the government’s concerns, Goa tourism Minister recently stated in the press that music festivals will not be allowed between December 25th to 31st in Goa
-As it stands now, the Goa govt. is currently reviewing its options and has not issued permissions to any party to carry out events on these dates.

Now we could release tickets for you right now, but we don’t feel its right. We respect the government’s stand towards safety of our consumers & tourists in Goa.

Neither do we want to flicker between venues like we’re bar hopping.

And we definitely don’t want you to take leaves, save up, convince friends and then not be able to come.
We want you to know where you’re gonna be. So we’re asking you to wait. Wait for us to know where we’ll be this year; in warm familiarity or exciting novelty.

Wherever we may be, you know we’ll Go Supersonic together with the same madness and love, if not more.
Until then just sit tight and #WaitForSupersonic! We promise you a generous launch offer to make up for the delay. :)

Love always,

So there you have it, Vh1 Supersonic will be held in 2016 for sure. The location and date is yet to be finalised, and fair play to the organisers for giving us all a valid heads-up on the progress. Stay tuned for more information on the event! Till then here’s a throwback to their last event:

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