Zedd Faces Major Technical Issues But Powers Through Ultra Music Festival Mainstage Set

zedd technical issues ultra music festival

After a top notch set on Day 1 of Ultra Music Festival Miami’s Mainstage, Zedd opened up to share his frustration and how he was bummed about his set last night calling it a “complete nightmare disaster.”

While fans seemed to have the time of their lives since the ace DJ and producer showed his talents and didn’t let it impact his set, Zedd shared that just a mere 20-minutes before his stage time his USB’s somehow got corrupted when he was updating his set and absolutely nothing would load. Songs would then say one BPM but play in another throughout his set and he was unable to figure out what was going on and “freaking out” the entire show.

Zedd also shared how he was leaning on his friend Martin Garrix at the last minute literally airdropping songs to Garrix’s USB’s on his way to the stage! Garrix was also seen backstage hyping Zedd to push through and encouraging and cheering him from the sidelines.

For those who were there in person or enjoying him on the livestream, it was truly hard to tell that Zedd was having any technical issues, leave alone something so major or of this magnitude only proving how his talent helped him power though in true showman style. In a show of sheer talent, musicianship and the show must go on spirit, Zedd made sure his fans didn’t have to pay the price and we tip our hats to him and his go-getter spirit!

While fans didn’t seem to notice, a lot of his fellow artists also took to social media to reassure him that even to a trained year, no one could tell and he killed it without letting any of those issues show through. This list included the likes of Sam Feldt, Dannic, Lookas and more!

While Zedd hasn’t released his set on YouTube like many others just yet, other YouTube users captured the set by the melodic genius in his entirety where he dropped hit after hit flawlessly inspite of the fiasco. Watch it below courtesy YouTube user Zacqd (before it gets pulled down) and check out the entire tracklist on 1001tracklists here.

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