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20th November marked the release of Dutch trio, Yellow Claw’s debut album entitled “Blood For Money”.

It seems like albums are something many producers are experimenting with lately. Showcasing a different side to their creativeness and production abilities. “Blood For Money” is no different in that respect but are able to stand out from the rest.

In terms of my overall impression of the album, we are still able to recognize the Yellow Claw sound we love with plenty of pleasant surprises. Throughout the 16 track album I honestly could not keep still, even through the mellower tracks. Amazing collaborations, amazing sounds, well let’s just take a closer look at each song and you will soon understand what I mean.

Kicking off the start of this fabulous album is the voice of dutch songstress, Eyelar. Hooking you in on top of thumping toms and pads, this trap style tune hits off on an impressive note. “Roller” is definitely one for festivals with 808 bubbling bass. But Eyelar is the one who brings out the best in the song. It just wouldn’t sound the same without her.

Song number two is “Higher” featuring Lil Eddie. Another spectacle of auditory pleasure. Definitely radio friendly, but definitely not a pop song. We know Yellow Claw for their festival trap songs, this follows suite. Except it is toned down where listeners are able to get lost in the melody engulfed by the bass. Lil Eddie provides the festival vocal element well.

An array of strings takes us in “For The Thrill”. After which the 808s cuts through along with Beck G’s vocals on trap beats, surrounded by strings. A short build-up to the drop which is pretty standard in festival trap. In the later part of the song, they switch things up into layers of robotic voices over a 4 step drum beat.

Next through is “Nightmare”. The song features Pusha T and Barrington Levy. Picking up the energy from the last 3 songs. This delivers a much heavier punch with brass, leads and the rap vocals. The bass never disappointed once again. The second part of the song turns around with the drop showcasing hardstyle. A fusion of trap and hardstyle, that’s the Yellow Claw we know. Absolutely awesome.

“In My Room” comes up next with a retro 80s feel. This song fuses old with the new, breaking into a moombahton/trap melody. It is the collaborative effort of Yellow Claw and DJ Mustard, featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga. Although a short song, it still manages to make us dance, wanting more.

And more shall we get with “Lifetime”. An absolutely beautiful composition with Tiesto and Kyler England on vocal duties. Starting off with trancey pads breaking through are Kyler’s vocals. The lyrics are beautiful and perfect for singing along at festivals. More progressive than previous songs but the drop doesn’t disappoint. Still edgy with a trap beat.

“Catch Me” is up next. Flux Pavilion and Yellow Claw create a monster track. It has elements of liquid dubstep with the saws and pads although the drop is more housey. Breakdowns are progressive on top of latin beats. And that’s not the end, they even manage to fit in abit of hardstyle! What a massive tune. A really short song indeed but Naaz brings it all together with her vocals. This is on my favourites list.

“We Made It” starts off with a mellow guitar melody, but the song flows into a tropical style beat. Dancehall elements along with vocals of Lil Eddie. This song once again shows off Yellow Claw’s ability to mash together all kinds of genres. The drop is aggressive trap and that’s just the way we like it.

“Feel It” features Naaz. Her sultry vocals hooks us into a breakbeat inspired break. Diversity in creativity is definitely shown here. The vocals and melody can be said to be influenced by deep house.

A choir chorus pad and guitar strings playing a country tune comes in. “Drowning In Champagne”. A mellow track featuring Maty Noyes. A song to be listened when chilling out.

“Blood Diamond” is melodious yet still carries intensity thanks to the hardstyle elements. This track features Serebro on vocals. I can’t help but think of this song being in a scene of a James Bond movie. Somehow it has that class and dangerous feel.

“Sin City” has lot of things mashed up in there. I don’t even know where to begin. Tribal, moombah, drum and bass, trap. Its just a sinfully incredible song that you must hear and enjoy.

Beenie Man is on vocals in “Bun It Up”. A much heavier trapstep track. Picture a trap robot rasta mahn.

In “Wild Mustang”, Yellow Claw worked with Cesqeaux and features Becky G. This is definitely both a radio and festival song. Afro pop inspired, it incorporates african tribal along with tropical instruments and samples.

“Ride Or Die” is a heavy more hip hop influenced track. Dirtcaps and Yellow Claw collaborated for this one along with Kalibwoy on vocals. This time they opted for violin strings for a different, a tad bit serious tone. This song also included hardstyle elements.

Lastly “Kaolo Pt 3” ends of this spectacular album in style. Another monster track jam packed with hints of multi genres.

“Blood For Money” can by all means be called a trap album since it is the foundation of the songs on the album. An album that has something for everyone to enjoy on any occasion or chill session. Yellow Claw have proven why they are one of the best in the trap scene as well as masters at mashing together influences of multi genres. Trap album of the year for me. A definite ear candy album which gets my “EPIC OF A COLOSSAL NATURE” stamp of approval. Do yourselves a favour and get this album. It is absolutely fantastically awesome!

You can grab the album here.

You can check it out below.

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