Mix Of The Week: Andrew Nagy

best deep house mix 2023

Andrew Nagy is a talented 22-year-old producer and DJ hailing from the Czech Republic. With a passion for electronic music, he has quickly made a name for himself in the industry.

In 2022, Andrew burst onto the scene with his debut single, “The Mountain,” released on the renowned Colorize/Enhanced Music label.

“The Mountain” instantly captured the attention of music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. The track garnered widespread support from influential artists such as Tritonal, Nervo, and Nora en Pure, among others. Its infectious melodies, driving beats, and impeccable production quality resonated with listeners worldwide.

The success of “The Mountain” was remarkable, as it soared to the top of the Apple Music Top 100 charts in over 40 countries. This achievement solidified Andrew Nagy’s position as a rising star in the electronic music scene. Additionally, the track made its mark on the US radio waves, ranking within the top 5 of daily played tracks on SiriusXM chill.

Building on the momentum of his debut, Andrew followed up with his second single, “Little To None.” The track further showcased his creativity and musical prowess, captivating audiences with its unique sound and infectious energy. Once again, the reception was outstanding, with “Little To None” reaching the summit of the Apple Music Top 100 charts in over 20 countries.

In addition to conquering the charts, Andrew Nagy’s music received extensive airplay on SiriusXM chill, cementing his presence in the international music scene. His distinct sound, characterized by lush melodies, compelling rhythms, and expertly crafted arrangements, continues to captivate listeners worldwide.

With an impressive track record early in his career, Andrew Nagy is poised to make even greater waves in the years to come. As he continues to refine his craft and push the boundaries of his sound, music enthusiasts eagerly await his future releases. Keep an eye on this talented producer and DJ, as he undoubtedly has an exciting journey ahead in the realm of electronic music.

Czech Native DJ/Producer Andrew Nagy takes over the 216th edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, tune in!

Best Deep House Mix 2023

00:00 Andrew Nagy & Bailey – ID
03:55 Andrew Nagy & Joel Winterflood – Wanna Feel
07:50 Andrew Nagy & Lovlee – Breakaway
11:30 Andrew Nagy – ID
15:23 Andrew Nagy & Joel Winterflood – The Mountain
19:45 Andrew Nagy & Joel Winterflood – Little To None
23:23 Andrew Nagy & Ross Quinn – Feldz – ID


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