Mix Of The Week: AvAlanche

Big Room House Mix 2024

Electronic music enthusiasts, get ready for an auditory spectacle! Aml Whaby, known professionally as AvAlanche, has released his latest mix in the 252nd edition of T.H.E – Podcasts, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. This new mix is a testament to AvAlanche’s remarkable journey from a 14-year-old enthusiast to a globally recognized DJ and producer.

In this latest offering, AvAlanche showcases his unique ability to blend diverse musical styles, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. The mix kicks off with “Euphoria,” setting the tone with its high-energy beats and captivating rhythm. As the mix progresses, listeners are treated to a series of carefully curated tracks, each reflecting AvAlanche’s deep understanding of electronic music and his knack for creating an immersive experience.

Highlights include the Bigroom remixes of iconic songs like “Desert Rose” and the playful “Macarena,” where AvAlanche infuses new life into these classics with his signature electronic flair. The mix also features collaborations with other artists, such as “Beloved” with DJ GUY, showcasing AvAlanche’s versatility and ability to synergize with fellow musicians.

Perhaps most impressive is how AvAlanche maintains a seamless flow throughout the mix, guiding listeners through a journey of euphoric highs and emotive melodies. Tracks like “HardRave” and “Madnesses” are perfect examples of his skill in building up energy, only to transition smoothly into more nuanced compositions like “Beautiful Place” and “Slowland.”

This mix is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a showcase of AvAlanche’s evolution as an artist. From the pulsating beats of his early influences to the sophisticated soundscapes he now crafts, AvAlanche demonstrates why he’s a name to watch in the electronic music scene.

Listeners can expect an electrifying blend of sounds, a testament to AvAlanche’s global influences and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. This latest mix from AvAlanche is more than just music; it’s an audio journey that reflects the depth and dynamism of his artistic vision.


00:00 AvAlanche – Euphoria
01:22 Faouzia – Desert Rose (AvAlanche x Tivek Bigroom Remix)
03:22 AvAlanche – Fairoza
04:40 Macarena (AvAlanche Bigroom Remix)
06:40 AvAlanche x DJ GUY – Beloved
08:10 Crazy Frog (AvAlanche Bigroom Remix)
10:02 What Is Love (AvAlanche Bigroom Remix)
11:52 AvAlanche – HardRave
13:15 Barbei (AvAlanche Bigroom Remix)
15:18 AvAlanche x Tivek feat. Nathan Brumley – Champions
16:52 Be My Lover (AvAlanche Bigroom Remix)
18:58 AvAlanche – Follow Me
20:32 AvAlanche – Slowland
21:46 AvAlanche – Madnesses
23:05 AvAlanche – Victories
24:24 AvAlanche – Beautiful Place
25:58 AvAlanche x CPayne – Electronic
26:58 AvAlanche – Zodiac


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