Mix Of The Week: Gio Lucca


This week’s spotlight is none other than Gio Lucca, the Peruvian-born, Phoenix-based maestro of the deep-tech house genre.

Gio Lucca’s musical journey is as intriguing as his beats are infectious. With roots reaching back to the rich cultural landscapes of Peru, Gio has taken the essence of his heritage and infused it with the pulsating energy of modern tech house, minimal, funk, and hip hop.

A true sound alchemist, Gio Lucca has captured the attention of deep-tech house aficionados and heavyweights alike, earning accolades from industry titans such as Jamie Jones, Eddy M, Mason Collective, and Manda Moor, to name a few. His creative prowess doesn’t stop there; his talent has been signed to major labels including Nervous Records and Material Series, cementing his place as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

His live performances are a testament to his versatility and charisma behind the decks. Having graced stages at Exchange LA, Club Vinyl, and the vibrant Goldrush Festival 2023, Gio Lucca delivers sets that are both dynamic and meticulously curated.

This week’s ‘Mix of the Week’ is a fresh concoction of Gio Lucca’s latest tracks. The session opens with a collaborative effort with eta, setting the stage for a sonic odyssey that includes collaborations with Kieran San Jose, ANATTA, Casey Zanni, Scrubs, and RAFI. Each track is an unreleased gem, carrying the signature Gio Lucca style that is quickly becoming a benchmark in the deep-tech house landscape.

Dive into Gio Lucca’s world with this week’s exclusive mix and experience the evolution of deep-tech house through the sounds of a visionary.

00:00 eta & Gio Lucca – ID
02:28 Gio Lucca & Kieran San Jose – ID
06:46 Gio Lucca – ID
09:00 ANATTA & Gio Lucca – ID
12:40 Gio Lucca, Casey Zanni – ID
17:21 Gio Lucca & Scrubs – ID
21:46 Gio Lucca – ID
25:00 Gio Lucca – ID
29:00 RAFI & Gio Lucca – ID


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