Mix Of The Week: Horbatso

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The Ukrainian deep house scene echoes the name Roman Horbatso, or simply, Horbatso. With an ear for rich, melodious deep house, he’s an emblem of modern house music’s lush soundscapes.

“Never Again,” Horbatso’s standout single, boasts over 800,000 Spotify streams, echoing its deep house vibe across 50,000 Shazam recognitions. Such numbers are a testament to Horbatso’s deep resonance within the electronic community.

Beyond his solo successes, Horbatso’s signature sound has graced collections from LoudKult, StormMusicGroup, to Jendex Records, securing his position in the electronic echelon.

Spotify nods to his appeal, featuring his tunes on key playlists like “Новинки Щоп’ятниці” and “Танцювальні Хіти,” signaling his pulse on Ukraine’s musical heartbeat.

With a vision to craft deep house tracks that are not just heard but felt, Horbatso’s latest offerings are a testament to his evolving artistry, aimed at moving more than just feet.

Dive into the deep with Horbatso at the helm of T.H.E Podcasts #233, a mix that’s not just a set but a narrative in deep house.


00:00 Horbatso – He Don’t Love Me
02:40 Horbatso – Don’t Wanna Be
05:10 Horbatso – I Missing
06:27 Horbatso – Together
08:11 Horbatso – My Lovin’
10:54 Horbatso – Never Again
14:07 Horbatso – Piece Of You
16:25 Horbatso – Ray Of Light
18:29 Horbatso – Your Mind
21:37 Horbatso – Berlin
26:11 Horbatso – The New Day

Tune in, let go, and let Horbatso guide you through a deep house journey designed to resonate long after the mix fades.


  1. In addition to his solo work, Horbatso has established himself as a top-tier electronic artist with his distinctive sound appearing on compilations from labels like Storm Music Group, Jendex Records, and LoudKult.


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