Mix Of The Week: Massio

latest songs by Massio

Massio, a talented Deep House DJ and producer who has been making waves in the music industry.

Born in Baja, Massio is widely known for his exceptional taste in music and his unique style in creating remarkable sets that transport his audience on a musical journey of pure bliss. He is the host of the popular @techlepaticblack show and has performed at various events worldwide, including Black Rock City, Coachella, China, and the Latin Grammys.

Massio has released his music on several record labels, including Hoomidaas, Sirin Music, Mirrors, and Keyfound. With his impressive skills and passion for music, Massio has successfully built a loyal following of music enthusiasts who love his hypnotic beats and creative mixology. If you’re looking for a DJ who can take you on an unforgettable musical journey, Massio is the perfect choice.

For this week’s “Mix Of the Week”, Massio takes over with an all-original mix.

Latest Songs By Massio


00:00 Massio – Amor Dorado
07:11 Massio – La llegada del Sol
13:06 Massio – Suspended Emotions
18:01 Massio – Nothing in the Dark
20:35 Massio – Aura
25:37 Massio – Awaiting this Moment
30:00 Massio – When the Leaves Dance
34:29 Massio – Must Leave too


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